There are many documents that human resources departments in hospitals need to collect from doctors and staff. In between the initial collection, additional processing, and documents that need to be renewed periodically, the administrative burden on hospital HR departments can be very large. On average, there are about twenty-five different documents that need to be […]

Onboarding is an essential and important part of employee recruitment, and using artificial intelligence (AI) can make it faster, easier, more convenient and less stressful for new employees, therefore providing a better all-around experience and leaving Human Resources professionals to perform the tasks that are better off provided by an actual human being. AI can […]

One of the challenges in the onboarding process of a new hire is the existing gap between the data in the company’s core HR system on the one hand and the employee document collection on the other. To close this gap, the company needs a tool that would allow employees, managers and HR to take […]

Human resources departments are centralized focal point for LOTS of data. They store files on each employee and those files are constantly updated as changes occur including skillsets, promotions, addresses and more. Traditionally, employee files were just that…file folders filled with pieces of paper that detailed every bit of info the company has on that […]

Following our study performed in Belgium, one of our leading markets, we concluded that an employment agency with a healthy activity level receives up to 700,000 candidates and CVs per year. The vast majority comes online via their own website or partner websites such as vdab, reference, jobat and the like. These candidates must be […]

Employment agencies work with LOTS of data. Much of this data is used repeatedly and typing the exact same data over and over again is not only time consuming, it can become incredibly monotonous. Therefore, utilizing smart data capture technology, such as CheckHub’s OCR software, can be a lifesaver when it comes to the day […]