Wherever companies sign up new clients or welcome new employees, data and documents needs to be gathered.  Even if we think we live in a digital era, this moment means that administrative employees start up a process of requesting this data and those documents via email or telephone. But the process and the work do […]

There are many documents that human resources departments in hospitals need to collect from doctors and staff. In between the initial collection, additional processing, and documents that need to be renewed periodically, the administrative burden on hospital HR departments can be very large. On average, there are about twenty-five different documents that need to be […]

Human resources departments are centralized focal point for LOTS of data. They store files on each employee and those files are constantly updated as changes occur including skillsets, promotions, addresses and more. Traditionally, employee files were just that…file folders filled with pieces of paper that detailed every bit of info the company has on that […]

Employment agencies work with LOTS of data. Much of this data is used repeatedly and typing the exact same data over and over again is not only time consuming, it can become incredibly monotonous. Therefore, utilizing smart data capture technology, such as CheckHub’s OCR software, can be a lifesaver when it comes to the day […]

In the not too distant past, office work was an entirely manual process. From writing or typing (on a typewriter) then filing said documents (or mailing, or hand delivering) the process was FULL of paper and all manual. But we are now almost fully immersed in the digital age… Emails have taken over handwritten letters […]