The trends for Process Excellence teach us that more attention is currently being paid to speed and time reduction. Any process, be it in a production or service environment, always has 3 criteria: quality, cost (efficiency) and (delivery) time. In the past, much attention has been paid to quality and cost. In recent years, the […]

Finding a new job is challenging, and so is finding a perfect employee. The ‘War for talent’ is being fought as we speak. To win you have to provide a great candidate experience.  It all comes down to the hiring journey—from attracting candidates to onboarding them into their new position. A candidate journey is comparable […]

How Your Organization’s Digital Processes Can Help Support Client Relationships Onboarding new clients is the beginning of any relationship between a business and its client. How this process is handled greatly affects how the relationship progresses in the future. While in the past, all onboarding was done face to face with one person asking questions […]

The first experience that a new client has with a business can set the tone for the entire relationship, and as so much info is often required when a business takes on a new client, the onboarding process is one that must be handled efficiently and to the satisfaction of the client. As people transact […]

Onboarding is an essential and important part of employee recruitment, and using artificial intelligence (AI) can make it faster, easier, more convenient and less stressful for new employees, therefore providing a better all-around experience and leaving Human Resources professionals to perform the tasks that are better off provided by an actual human being. AI can […]

One of the challenges in the onboarding process of a new hire is the existing gap between the data in the company’s core HR system on the one hand and the employee document collection on the other. To close this gap, the company needs a tool that would allow employees, managers and HR to take […]