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With more than 1 million documents a year, we can state that document management is a business-critical process for our organization. Thanks to CheckHub we were able to achieve tremendous results in terms of cost- and timesaving. The timesaving is equal to 50% a year or from 0.5 to 2 hours spent per consultant per week . More time, less spend, cost and human error. An excellent result.

Stop copy pasting, start using CheckHub.

Extract, validate and organize your documents more efficiently and turn them into valuable and structured information within seconds. Automate your data entry and with the help of CheckHub.

CheckHub case studies

Case studies to help you keep up with the latest possibilities and developments with CheckHub.

Automating the Manipulation of Documents in the Interim Sector.

The customer is one of the largest temporary staffing firm in Europe. The company, in its Belgian subsidiary, is handling about 1 million documents per year. Concerned documents include: identity...
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