It is in times like these that organizations recognize ever more the importance of remote working and working in a paperless environment. COVID-19 taught us that the old way of doing business in person (or by phone, fax or mail) is pretty much over. Almost overnight, hundreds of thousands of professionals found themselves working remotely like everyone else, with their agencies scrambling to adjust. Today, there’s a better way to serve the public. Replace paper documents with digital services.

More than essential

Where CheckHub might have been the solution for the early adopters looking for improvements in the area of cost saving, efficiency and customer satisfaction, it is not the solution for almost every self respected organization. We see the same parallels with the website in late 1993. The first organizations were starting to invest in a website. It would be the future, a replacement for the business card and increase your visibility and marketing efforts. Can you imagine your company not having a website..?

An opportunity

We truly believe that COVID-19 brought misery to the personal lives of people all over the world. At the same time it offers a huge window of opportunity to invest in your company and be one of the frontrunners within your industry. CheckHub also started investing in sustainable forestry and sustainability. With our employees we buy parts of forest land to preserve the diversity of plant and animal life. Choosing CheckHub and digitizing what’s now necessary, will not only make you efficient but also an indirect contributor to a more sustainable environment.